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Thesis Award

This award is intended to recognize a paper written by a student based on their research, or Ph.D., or M.Sc. thesis.


Candidates for this Award are invited to provide a summary of their thesis work with a minimum of 4000 words, so that it can be reviewed by the relevant Study Committee(s) reviewers.


Candidates should address their demand with the summary and a short biography to the Secretary General (philippe.adam@cigre.org).



List of recipients of the CIGRE Thesis Award


Year First name Last name University Thesis title CIGRE SC
2022 Ashok VALABHOJU National Institute of Technology Raipur, Raipur, India Pattern Recognition Based Protection Schemes for Power Transmission Line  
2021 Bochen SHI Tsinghua University (CN) Discrete state event-driven modeling and simulation for multi-time-scale power electronics C4
2020 Roni IRNAWAN Aalborg University (DK) Planning and control of expandable multi-terminal VSC-HVDC  transmission systems B4
2020 Gen LI Cardiff University (GB) Analysis and protection of HVDC systems subject to AC and DC faults B4



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Welcome to the world of CIGRE

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