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Thesis Award

This award is intended to recognize a paper written by a student based on their research, or Ph.D., or M.Sc. thesis.


Candidates for this Award are invited to provide a summary of their thesis work with a minimum of 4000 words, so that it can be reviewed by the relevant Study Committee(s) reviewers.


Candidates should address their demand with the summary and a short biography to the Secretary General (philippe.adam@cigre.org).



CIGRE Thesis Award 2020:


Roni Irnawan

Dr Roni Irnawan from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia has been awarded the CIGRE Thesis Award for his Ph.D. thesis “Planning and Control of Expandable Multi-terminal VSC-HVDC Transmission Systems”. His work can be seen as a strong contribution for the realisation of multi-terminal HVDC grids. Among several contributions, Roni proposes a methodology allowing a common operation of converters with different control designs and/or from different vendors, easing the expandability of HVDC grids.


The paper was peer-reviewed by the CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE) editorial committee and will be published in CSE in 2020.


Thesis Award


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