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CIGRE highlights its value in the energy transition

28 August 2023, CIGRE

Over the past 12 months, CIGRE’s prestigious Technical Council has been analysing our role in the energy transition and how the existing Study Committee structure can be refined to ensure relevance.


This analysis is part of a wider programme to position the work of CIGRE to attract the many new entrants to the global power system, as well as highlight for existing members just how involved CIGRE already is in the ET.


CIGRE is a global organisation that prides itself on its apolitical and neutral technical focus.

As such, this allows CIGRE to transcend the often politically fraught area of decarbonisation and focus on what are the best technical ways forward within and on the edge of the electricity system. This allows us to share relevant technical information and help ET organisations connect their processes to the networks around the world in the most optimal way.


Identifying key drivers

The Technical Council itemised out the eight key subject areas. These cross over into many of the areas of scope of the 16 Study Committees. It’s clear the relationship is bi-directional with the inputs from these key subject areas as well as outputs from the SCs in the form of working groups, publications and papers. The diagram below highlights the hot topics and the relationships.

CIGRE highlights its value in the energy transition

Providing an overview of the work in each area

One of the unique challenges in this analysis is that the energy transition spans across many aspects of the global end to end electric power system. It therefore traverses many areas of CIGRE’s sixteen Study Committees and their domains of work. To help our members and new organisations we have arranged a summary of our scope, working groups, technical brochures and event papers under each of the hot topics. You can view this new section on cigre.org here