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Collaborative tools

CIGRE’s mission includes the development and sharing of knowledge within the community and facilitating networking amongst the Membership in support of CIGRE being recognised as the “go to” organisation for best practice in power systems. 

Achieving this involves many improvements to our on-line systems, one of which being our new Knowledge Management System implemented in January 2016.  The KMS is the main platform for the work of Study Committees and Working Groups and some National Committees.

The KMS allows our Groups to use secure private Spaces to collaborate on line for the development of their technical information and sharing of their collated knowledge amongst the community.


Access to the KMS is via personal Username and password and a process of requesting access to specific group Space(s).  If you need to create a new User account, please contact the group Chairman/Convener/Secretary of the first group you need to access to arrange for a secure New User Registration link to be sent to you.  Once you have been granted access to at least one group Space, you can access the KMS via this link: Knowledge Management System


The system is fully “collaborative” and self-managed amongst the Users within each Space. This provides a vast array of direct benefits including:

  • Eliminate emailing of documents between the Group
  • Automatically provide version and archive management
  • ALWAYS use the latest version of information
  • Retain knowledge within CIGRE systems for all CIGRE Members
  • Automatically inform Members of new/changed content
  • Expose activity beyond company Representatives
  • Members not directly represented in the Group - Maximising benefits flowing from Membership fees
  • Colleagues in the same company as the Representatives
  • Continuing Professional Development of colleagues
  • Back up, support and succession planning of Representative


The system uses a powerful but user-friendly and intuitive tool which provides the ability to deal with many of the common activities of the group including:


Manage Group Meetings

  • On screen logistics information – venue, accommodation, travel
  • On screen attendance confirmations
  • On screen agenda
  • On screen minutes
  • Assign Tasks, track completion
  • Historical records available to current Panel


All-year collaboration and discussion on technical issues

  • “matters arising” from published Technical Brochures
  • new Working Group proposals
  • new Preferential Subject proposals
  • Special Reporter Questions
  • Technical problems
  • Draft Standard discussion


Member-maintained reference index

  • tutorial resources
  • Presentations
  • text book information
  • external links
  • papers


Manage technical conferences

  • Organisation resources
  • Conference records


News and announcements to Group using the Blog facility

  • New Technical Brochures/Standards released
  • Third party conferences


Establish an effective Mentor-Mentee system

  • Research potential Mentors
  • Private pages for each Mentor-Mentee pair
  • Collate User “story books” of their CIGRE experiences


For more information contact your Study Committee or National Committee.