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Paris Session 2022 and CIGRE take the lead on energy transition

28 March 2022

Paris Session 2022 and CIGRE take the lead on energy transition


For those CIGRE people who are part of our working groups and study committees it will come as no surprise that decarbonisation and energy transition are cornerstones of CIGRE's work.


It may surprise some in the wider global industry though, that our power system community is at the forefront of analysis, collaboration and solution development for the essential job of energy transition, to fight climate change and other environmental impacts.


As an organisation driven by technical work, and the humility that goes with that, making such a claim is not in CIGRE's DNA, but that does not make it untrue. In fact CIGRE's involvement in energy transition is now the leading activity of the association and one that spans the end to end power system across many technical and environmental fields.


As we emerge from the pandemic and focus on the first Paris Session of CIGRE's second century, the work of the community brings this subject into focus and there is substance in abundance to demonstrate CIGRE's crucial role.


For example, if we look at the preferential subjects at the Session, we see they span many of the key issues around energy transition and the corresponding transformation this means for the industry.


The event opens on Sunday 28 August with the keynote address on ’Resilient Decarbonisation’ by Dr Arshad Mansoor, CEO of the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI). Then on Monday the opening panel includes presentations about energy transition from major power equipment providers including Hitachi Energy's Dr. Gerhard Salge, SIEMENS’ Mr Tim Holt and Schneider Electric's Mr. Christophe Preve.


After that the numerous sub-events of the Session, including the 16 Group Discussion Meetings, the Workshops, the Tutorials and Poster Session, all touch on key aspects of energy transition.


CIGRE's activity in this field reaches beyond the Session as well, with the substantial body of work the CIGRE working groups produce. This is encompassed by the more than 40 technical brochures produced each year covering crucial subjects such as TB851 Impact of High Penetration of Inverter-based Generation on System Inertia of networks,  TB845 TSO-DSO Co-Operation Control Centre Tools Requirements, and many more.


From the increased need for cybersecurity to planning DC grids, CIGRE's end to end energy transition work is wide reaching, informing all the areas being handled by today's power system professionals.


So if you want to be a part of solving the preeminent challenge of our generation join us at the Paris Session to both learn about and contribute to the latest innovations, solutions and thinking from across the industry. We are proud to be taking the lead and we welcome your participation!


The CIGRE Paris Session - the leading global event for power system expertise. It's on!


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