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CIGRE Regions

According to CIGRE Statutes (Article 17), National Committees may come together to form a Region, which is designed to enhance technical cooperation between countries and to promote and develop CIGRE.


Geographical proximity is the primary motive for forming a Region, but other situations can be accommodated when they align with the basic objectives, i.e.:

  • Contribute to the activities of the Study Committees, addressing and developing local issues;
  • Organise Regional Meetings or other local meetings (Colloquia…);
  • Coordinate with industry organisations;
  • Coordinate contributions to CIGRE main events (Session, Symposia);
  • Encourage and provide an incentive to increase CIGRE membership and create new National Committees, by incorporating countries without a National Committee in the working structure.


The existence of Regions has no impact on the governance structure of CIGRE - National Committees, Administrative Council, and Steering Committee - nor does it introduce any hierarchical notion in relations with National Committees or Study Committees.


There are currently four CIGRE Regions, as in the table below:


Name of the Region Members National Committees Year of establishment Links
AORC (Asia-Oceania Regional Council of CIGRE)
  1. Australia
  2. China
  3. Gulf Cooperation Council
  4. India
  5. Indonesia
  6. Iran
  7. Japan
  8. Jordan
  9. Korea
  10. Malaysia
  11. New Zealand
  12. Thailand
RIAC (Ibero-American Region of CIGRE)
  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Chile
  4. Colombia
  5. Mexico
  6. Paraguay
  7. Peru
  8. Portugal
  9. Spain
NRCC (Nordic Regional Council of CIGRE)
  1. Denmark
  2. Finland
  3. Iceland
  4. Norway
  5. Sweden
  6. Estonia
SEERC (South East European Regional Council)
  1. Austria
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Croatia
  4. Czech Republic & Slovakia
  5. Georgia
  6. Greece
  7. Hungary
  8. Israel
  9. Italy
  10. Kosovo
  11. Montenegro
  12. North Macedonia
  13. Romania
  14. Serbia
  15. Slovenia
  16. Turkey
  17. Ukraine



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