CIGRE AORC Technical Meeting 2020

Tue 14 April 2020 to Fri 17 April 2020 / Regional meeting
CIGRE AORC Technical Meeting 2020 - CIGRE AORC

1. Dates: April 14th, 2020 – April 17th, 2020

2. Venue: Kanazawa Bunka Hall, 15-1 Takaoka-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan 920-0864

3. Participants: The Meeting is directed towards all Study Committee experts involved in CIGRE who are pursuing the best solution of emerging subjects in power systems.

4. Topics of Special Interest:
The latest trends & technologies or challenges & mitigation measures in relation, but not limited to:


(1) Common Topics

  • Flexibility – Connect & manage, dynamic rating of line / transformer, etc.
  • Resilience against large disturbance & severe weather - Total and partial blackout
  • Environmental Impact, mitigation & public acceptance
  • Asset optimization, cost reduction, affordable design
  • Engineering / Simulation model, tool & work method
  • Digitalization, IT/OT & cybersecurity
  • Standardization


(2) Transmission line, Transmission & Distribution equipment and Substation facilities

  • Reliability - remaining life, & degradation mechanisms
  • Latest inspection technologies, remote sensing technology, robotics
  • Application of new materials & their testing techniques


(3) Integration of Renewable Energy Power Sources

  • Requirements for generators & network planning
  • Power output forecasting of PV / WTs and effect on the accuracy of demand forecasting
  • Supply-demand balance planning and operation
  • Ancillary services & market
  • Network stabilization technologies
  • Grid code & regulatory issues


(4) Transmission & Distribution System planning, Operation & Control

  • Adequacy, security assessment method
  • Power trading & electricity market
  • Network stabilization technologies
  • Emergency control, blackout restoration
  • Training & skill certification program

5. Important Dates – Tentative:
   November 15th 2019: Deadline of paper synopses
   December 16th 2019: Notifying the acceptance of synopses
   February 3rd 2020: Deadline for submission of full paper
   February 14th 2020: Deadline for confirmation of final paper

6. Meeting Programme – Tentative

  April 14th 2020 April 15th 2020 April 16th 2020 April 17th 2020
AM SC panel meetings
SC WG meetings
Opening remarks Oral session
*NGN/WIE session
Technical tour
PM SC panel meetings
SC WG meetings
Oral session
Poster session
Oral session
Administrative meeting
Technical tour
Evening Welcome drink  Banquet    

                                                                                                     *NGN: Next Generation Network
                                                                                                     *WIE: Women In Engineering

7. More information:



CIGRE active Working Groups / Call for experts

Terms of Reference of the active Working Groups


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