Mon 23 August 2021 to Mon 23 August 2021 / Webinar

Date of broadcast: Monday 23 August – 10:30am to 12pm (CEST)



The focus of the ETIP SNET Panel at CIGRE Congress 2021 is on presenting the visions of USA, China, Australia and Europe for the Energy Systems of 2050.

The panelists coming from all over the world will provide and highlight the main technological directions, key achievements and targets.


The needs for R&I to reach the visions and their roadmaps, organisation, funding, national-international collaborations, etc. will be of central interest during the Panel discussion. Successful implementations, e.g. pilots, quantified achievements and lessons learnt will be crucial and of particular value.


This exchange by prominent speakers representing different R&I entities from USA, CHINA, EUROPE and AUSTRALIA will be extremely helpful in understanding how R&I priorities are set at international level and will help to align future research directions and explore opportunities of international collaborations for achieving the common goals of Energy Systems decarbonisation by 2050.



  1. Mark McGranaghan, EPRI Fellow, USA 
  2. Mingli FU, Prof, CSG (China Southern Grid, China)
  3. Rainer Bacher, CEO, Bacher Energie AG, Europe
  4. Dr John Ward, CSIRO’s Energy Systems research director, Australia




Nikos Hatziargyriou, Prof., ETIP SNET Advisor





Welcome to the world of CIGRE

Welcome to the world of CIGRE


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