Multi-frequency oscillations in power-electronic-based energy systems

Mon 12 February 2024 to Mon 12 February 2024 / Webinar
Multi-frequency oscillations in power-electronic-based energy systems - Study Committee C4

Multi-frequency oscillations in power-electronic-based energy systemsMon, Feb 12, 2024 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM CET


The power systems are becoming more and more power electronics dominated and this introduces new technical challenges in terms of oscillatory instabilities and interactions.

The CIGRE C4.49 working group (Multi-frequency stability of converter-based modern power systems) has examined new forms of instabilities and interactions driven by power electronic converters in modern power systems.


During the webinar we will present an overview, status and outline of oscillatory instabilities and interactions analysis in converter-based systems. We will discuss about definitions, classification, literature review and industry experience covering state-of-the-art stability and interactions analysis in power systems dominated by converters. We will describe the phenomena, consolidate definitions, and explain available methods for analyses with their advantages and disadvantages to provide a common understanding within the academia and industry.


General guidelines for the studies considering available information at different stages of a project as well as choice of tools and mitigation methods will also be discussed during the webinar and aided by examples.


This webinar is presented by Lukasz KOCEWIAK, convener of CIGRE Working Group C4.49.


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