Fault location on Land and Submarine cable links

Tue 15 December 2020 to Tue 15 December 2020 / Workshop
Fault location on Land and Submarine cable links - CIGRE

Fault location on Land and Submarine cable linksTue, Dec 15, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM CET


The increasing number of land and submarine cable assets globally has created a focus on cable fault location capability There are many well established cable fault location techniques, particularly for buried underground cables

Successful cable fault location depends to a great extent on applying the appropriate technique or combination of techniques Methods for locating cable faults require competent engineers and service providers

Guidance is required for engineers on the correct application of the various techniques available


The TB 773 covers the most common methods for fault location, in addition new and emerging techniques are also included. Chapters on emergency planning is also part of the brochure. Methods covered are:

  • Time Domain Reflectometry / Frequency Domain Reflectometry
  • Bridge methods
  • Fibre optic methods (OTDR, Vibration, Acoustic, Temperature)
  • Acoustic
  • Step Voltage
  • Magnetic field


This webinar is presented by Robert Donaghy, convener of CIGRE Working Group B1.52, "Fault location on Land and Submarine cable links”, the Technical Brochure 773 (available from www.e-cigre.org), was published in 2019.


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