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The world's foremost source of power system expertise since 1921

CIGRE is a collaborative global community committed to the world's leading knowledge development programme for the creation and sharing of power system expertise. This short video introduces you to this unique, worldwide organisation.


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CIGRE ELECTRA issue #309

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A collaborative global community sharing knowledge and expertise

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The world's foremost power system knowledge development programme

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CIGRE is the authoritative source of power system technical reference information




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News from the world of CIGRE

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Centennial Session and e-session FAQ released

Following CIGRE's announcement of its e-session in 2020 and Centennial Session in 2021, our members and the wider industry have been seeking clarity on a range of areas.

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The need for enhanced power system modelling techniques and simulation tools

The transition to a clean energy future requires thorough understanding of increasingly complex interactions between conventional generation, network equipment, variable renewable generation technologies (centralised and distributed), and demand response.

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Requirements and capabilities of power electronic interfaced devices for enhancing system operation

The worldwide energy landscape is undergoing a transition, the pace of which varies in different parts of the world. From system operation perspective, the main factors identified contributing to this ongoing energy transition are threefold.

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Power quality trends in the transition to carbon-free electrical energy systems

Due to the accelerated shift towards a carbon-free electrical energy system, the power system is changing in terms of both planning and operation with an increasing integration of converter-interfaced renewable generation at all voltage levels.

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CIGRE Event calendar

CIGRE's unique knowledge programme comes to life through its worldwide array of face to face and online events. International human interaction facilitates free exchange of knowledge within the CIGRE community. More>
May 2020  S M T W T F S
CIGRE Steering Committee meeting in Zurich (CH)       
Webinar: Trenchless Technologies in Webinar (FR)       
IPEMC2020 - ECCE Asia in Nanjing (CN)       
June 2020  S M T W T F S
IPEMC2020 - ECCE Asia in Nanjing (CN)       
20th APUA Congress in Dakar (SN)       
20th APUA Congress in Dakar (SN)       
Webinar: Network Modelling for Harmonic Studies in Webinar (FR)       

Leadership Circle

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CIGRE's strategic focus is to be a steps ahead of the future grid with a global community offering benchmarks that can assist your business.


CIGRE commits as part of our values to continue as an unbiased global community for power system expertise. Our scope is end to end power systems with a technical foundation unparalleled in the world.


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April 2020, issue #309



  • The values of CIGRE - In times of crisis - By Rob Stephen, President of CIGRE


Global Connections

  • The European green deal starts with the energy transition
  • Why collaboration is key to remaining resilient in our electric future
  • How is energy rich Australia running out of energy
  • Global energy transformation: China's practice and vision


Life of Association

  • In Memoriam of Milan Calovic
  • Introducing Khayakazi Dioka - Chair of CIGRE WIE International
  • CIGRE Russia - Women in Engineering discussion club - Russia, December 2019
  • FISE-IEEE/CIGRE Conference 2019 – Living the new era of energy - Colombia, December 2019
  • CIGRE India - SC A1 meetings - India, September 2019
  • CIGRE Brazil - Second annual Women in Engineering Forum – Brazil, November 2019
  • SEERC - Technical Advisory Committee Meeting - Greece, January 2020


Annual Reports

  • A1 - Rotating electrical machines
    • B1 - Insulated cables
  • B2 - Overhead lines


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