E2E > CIGRE a single port of call for end to end power system expertise!

CIGRE a single port of call for end to end power system expertise!

The modern power system is transitioning into one complex and interrelated grid, with the lines between generation, transmission and distribution increasingly blurred. The power system is also decentralising and introducing an array of new technologies and requirements. These include big data, cyber security, micro grids, renewables, storage and more.


With these changes today's professionals need access to the full range of expertise and knowledge in one place. Marcio Szechtman the Chair of CIGRE's prestigious Technical Council explains:

"It's important to understand you can no longer look at the modern power system in silos, it's so interrelated now you need to take a holistic view, one that spans all of the disciplines. To that end, CIGRE has for some time been adjusting its domains of work and knowledge programme to reflect this. That's because we know it is imperative power systems professionals can come to one place and interact with the full spectrum from low voltage (LV) to ultra-high voltage (UHV)."


Indeed, the evolution at CIGRE have been under way since the turn of the century with CIGRE now clearly positioned to be at the heart of the current and future power system.


At the upcoming biennial Paris Session 2020 - CIGRE's thought leadership congress, this focus has continued with the preferential subjects for papers set to have the evolving end to end power system clearly in mind.


CIGRE President Rob Stephen reports the response to the subject areas from across CIGRE's diverse community is strong:


"The subjects deal with the future grid, role of power electronics, digitalisation, resilience and making better use of existing assets.  The response has been exceptional and we have increased the paper allotment to cater for the increased interest.  The power system is more than changing, it has changed already, and for me, the exciting thing is that CIGRE is deeply involved and at the centre of it all."  


Beyond the influential Session CIGRE's day to day work produces up to forty in-depth Technical Brochures every year. Subjects such as the integration of electric vehicles, the capacity of distribution feeders for hosting distributed energy resources (DER), or the impact of storage systems on distribution networks, are just three contemporary examples this work focuses on.


CIGRE is a unique global organisation with professionals from every corner of the industry exploring the many avenues to finding solutions CIGRE has to offer. So if you are looking for colleagues, knowledge and expertise from across the whole power system, CIGRE offers you a single port of call. Find out more at cigre.org/E2E


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