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e-session registration

CIGRE 2020 e-session & CIGRE 2021 Centennial Session in Paris






Registration category

Special Rates until December 31st 2020

The new registration fees for the Centennial Session will apply from mid-January 2021 

Category 1

CIGRE 2020 e-session


CIGRE 2021 Centennial Session in Paris


 - Member* : 967 €

 - Non member : 1196€

 - Companion : 190 €


Category 2

CIGRE 2020 e-session only

- Member** : 100 €

- Non Member** : 200 €


Category 3

CIGRE 2021 Centennial Session in Paris ONLY***



Early bird rate

Members: 999 €

Non-members: 1235 €

Companions: 196 €


Rates of category 1 & 3 are applicable to registration through CIGRE Central Office; National Committees may charge different rates and include additional services.


e-session registration



   *Member rate for category 1 & 2 applies only if two consecutive years of membership fees are duly settled (2018/2019 or 2019/2020).

   **Not refundable and not recoverable on category 1 & 3.

   ***The new registration fees for the Centennial Session will apply from mid-January 2021 

   A companion registration gives access to the Social Events, Exhibition, Opening Ceremony and Cocktail during the CIGRE 2021 Centennial Session in Paris.


Remember if you are planning on attending the 2021 Centennial Session register and pay before 15 August 2020 and you get the live e-session for free.



Registration is individual, nominative and non-transferable. If the delegate is unable to attend, registration cannot be exchanged or transferred.


1- Registration to both 2020 e-session & 2021 Centennial Session

Registration to 2020 e-session & 2021 Centennial Session must be done through CIGRE Central Office on-line system. However some National Committees handle the registration process. They provide additional services and allow payment in local currency. See below the list of National Committees concerned : AustraliaBrazilIndiaIranJapanJordanKoreaKosovoMexicoMontenegroNorwayPortugalRomaniaRussiaSerbiaUkraine & USA.
If your National Committee is in the list, do not use this on-line registration platform. Please contact directly your National Committee to register to the event.


Included in the registration :

2020 e-session

  • Session Papers
  • Online CIGRE Academy Webinars for papers and tutorialspresentations
  • Recorded videos


2021 Centennial Session in Paris

  • Prior access to the Session Papers available online, as from mid-June 2021.
  • Prior access to the Special Reports which present the main ideas of the Session Papers but also raise questions to be discussed – then Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss these questions through contributions during the Group Discussion Meetings, for each StudyCommittee.
  • Preparation of these Contributions in advance and in cooperation with Study Committee Chairs and Special Reporters.
  • Opening Panel on a subject of common interest to the whole CIGREcommunity.
  • Access to allWorkshops
  • Group Discussion Meetings where contributors present their contributions.
  • Poster Sessions where authors present their papers and where Delegates have the opportunity to meet them in a constructive and interactive atmosphere.
  • Daily summaries of Group Discussion Meetings, available online as well as on spot when
  • Technical exhibition allowing CIGRE company members to showcase their products and services.
  • Session proceedings, published online within a few weeks of the congress.
  • Access to the tutorials organized by the StudyCommittees.
  • Opening Ceremony and WelcomeDrinks.
  • Soirée organized at the “Pavillons de Bercy - Musée des artsForains”.
  • Exhibition Cocktail.


2- Registration to CIGRE 2020 e-session only:

All registrations to CIGRE 2020 e-session only is to be made on-line through CIGRE Central Office on registrations.cigre.org.


Included in the registration :

  • Session Papers
  • Online CIGRE Academy Webinars for papers and tutorialspresentations
  • CIGRE 2020 e-session recorded videos

All documents and videos will be available until December 31st 2020


3- Registration to CIGRE 2021 Centennial Session only:

On-line registration will be available as from mid-January 2021 at a higher rate and will includes Congress activities , Exhibition and the Social Events throughout the week in Paris




CIGRE 2020 e-session only

Is definitive once booked. It is not refundable, not recoverable and cannot be changed into any other registration category.


CIGRE 2020 e-session & CIGRE 2021 Centennial Session in Paris

is refundable with a special deduction fee :

  • 240 € 120 € for Delegates
  • 140 € 70 € for Companions

Cancellation must be sent to registrations@cigre.org before July 31st 2021




Visitors interested in the exhibition only may register starting from February 2021 on website: www.cigre-exhibition.com . This registration is free but mandatory

PLEASE NOTE: Registration to the exhibition does not give access to Congress activities


Session FAQ

Have more questions about the 2020 e-session and 2021 Centennial Session? follow this link for the answers. more>