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D2 - Information systems and telecommunication

D2 - Information systems and telecommunication


To facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of information systems and telecommunication. To add value to this information and knowledge by means of synthesizing state-of-the- art practices and developing recommendations.



Within its technical field of activity, Study Committee D2 addresses topics throughout the application of current and future information and communication technologies (ICT) to the evolving end-to-end value chain of the electric power system. ICT equipment, architectures, security and governance including consideration of fundamental principles, design, specification, testing engineering, commissioning, performance, operation and maintenance aspects.

Areas of attention include:

  • ICT applied to digital networks throughout the end-to-end power system including smart meters, energy management systems (EMS), Internet of Things, big data
  • Communication solutions for information exchange between all participants in the electrical power system
  • Interoperability and data exchange (file format, frequency, etc.) between all participants in the electrical power system including network operators, market players, off-grid premises
  • Cyber security issues at all levels from field equipment through to corporate IT including governance constraints, system design, implementation, testing, operation and maintenance
  • Technologies and architectures to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery
  • IT systems to support the decision-making process in Asset Management



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