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Our global presence


CIGRE's community of over 15000 power system professionals is spread across more than 90 countries. This community is underpinned by our 61 National Committees, each offering members direct access to local events, services and support. To find the contact information for your countries National Committee select your location on the map below.


Membership renewals

If you are seeking to renew your membership contact your National Committee as below. If you are in a country that does not have a National Committee please follow this link to renew your membership.


Useful downloads and links

Joining CIGRE

To join follow this link.


National power systems

National Committees provide information on the national power systems of their country or countries with a variety of interesting facts and characteristics, including structure, generation mix, consumption, development, integration of renewables, market structure and more. To access this information select the National Committee and download the relevant pdf file.


Carbon intensity

The carbon intensity of electricity (gCO2eq/kWh) of more than 130 geographies is also available here:


CIGRE Regional groups

CIGRE also operates four regional groups follow this link for more information


Download File National Committees list - November 29, 2021


Browse the map to get in touch with your National Committee: